I’m Dr. Kevin M. Cannon:
planetary scientist

I study planetary resources to help make human space exploration and permanent settlement a reality.

What I’ve Been Doing Recently

Exolith Lab

I founded and run the Exolith Lab, where we produce high-fidelity regolith simulants for Mars, the Moon and asteroids.

Planetary Simulant Database

I created and maintain the Planetary Simulant Database, a free resource with data on historic and current regolith simulants.

P Furiosus

I write a quarterly newsletter called P Furiosus, highlighting new ideas in planetary and space science.

What I’ve Published Lately (CV / Google Scholar profile)

2019. Metzger, P. T., D. T. Britt, S. Covey, C. Schultz, K. M. Cannon, K. D. Grossman, G. D. Mantovani, and R. P. Mueller
Measuring the Fidelity of Asteroid Regolith and Cobble Simulants.
Icarus, 321, 632-646.

2019. Cannon, K. M., D. T. Britt, T. M. Smith, R. F. Fritsche, and D. Batcheldor
Mars Global Simulant MGS-1: A Rocknest-based open standard for basaltic martian soil simulants.
Icarus, 317, 470-478.

2018. Tarnas, J., J. F. Mustard, B. Sherwood Lollar, M. S. Bramble, K. M. Cannon, A. M. Palumbo, and A.-C. Plesa
Radiolytic H2 production on Noachian Mars: Implications for Habitability.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 502, 133-145.

2017. Cannon, K. M., S. W. Parman, and J. F. Mustard
Primordial Clays on Mars Formed Beneath a Steam or Supercritical Atmosphere.
Nature, 552, 88-91.

Where I’ll Be: Upcoming Meetings

Lunar ISRU 2019
February 20-22, 2019
Columbia, MD

LPSC 2019
March 18-22, 2019
The Woodlands, TX

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me about my work, potential speaking appearances, or possible collaborations.
Email: cannon@ucf.edu
Cell: (+1) 401-340-6608
Twitter: @kmcannon